Monday, July 1, 2013

Later June

Sadly we must say goodbye to a thing I like to call June. But seriously what the heck, where did it go?

Here is a quick recap of my month.

(Left to right)

Foodie favs of the month:
1. Culver's Cheese Curds
2.Spotted Cow and Doughboy's Pizza with my friend Mark. 
3. Delicious Butter Burger lunch.
4. Yummy blue mystery shot.
5. Portillo's for the first time. (WooHoo)
6. 'Rita night with the girls. 
7. First Chai Tea Latte of the season.
8. Taste of New Glarus: Spotted Cow, Dog and curds. 

(Left to right)

Favorites with Jax
1. Saying good bye after Gamma came to visit. 
2. Noodle fun.
3. Play date with Graycee
4. Father's Day at the zoo with Papa.
5. Feet dancing with Mama.
6. I love you contest.
7. Friday funnies
8. Bouncy time with Graycee.

And last but not least random favorites from June. 

Onward and upward my lovelies and welcome to July!

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