Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You know you're pretty when...

So sometimes being a parent can be a thankless job, especially being a single parent. 
I try my darnedest to teach Jackson honesty and manners. 
Please he has down for sure, because he knows he can get things if he says please. We have been working on thank you for what seems like forever. It usually ends in me prompting thank you and Jax repeats it. 

So last night I let little man stay up past his bed time to finish a movie. Since we had left over sparklers I told him I had a surprise and to come with me. We went outside and lit the last of the sparklers and you would have thought I was the world's best mom.

A little back story, my favorite part of the day is to come home and change out of my work clothes into comfy clothes, take off my makeup and put my hair up in some sort of fashion. Last night was no different. 

As we headed back in the house Jax looks up at he and say "tank kew, momma". My heart melted because I didn't have to say anything to him. I knelt down to give him a kiss as he needed to be rewarded. He put his hand on my cheek and he then tells me "pretty momma". I think I almost cried. 

I honestly couldn't have looked worse. But when a two year tells you you're pretty it must me true.

Sorry I just had to share my proud Momma moment from last night. 

Have a fab Tuesday!

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