Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Alright, this isn't one of my strong points, asking for help that is. So this is a big step for me to blast it out there in blog-land. 

I really had a heart to heart with myself about getting bloggy serious, all in my head and well on paper too. 

I need and about me page like yesterday. Another one of weaknesses is talking(writing) about myself. I mean I don't want to make myself  sound like a low life nor do I want to make it seem like poop rainbows and glitter. But seriously how cool what that be?!

Here is where my crazy brain takes over and I take a sharp right in to chaos-land. 
1. Funny or serious?
2. Pictures or word dominant?
             a. I hate taking pictures of myself!
3. What do I really share in my about me?
 Trust me this list looks nice and neat compared to the notes I made. They were everywhere and then I would get to off track I would end up doodling and what not. I have such a scatter brain and get distracted easily. 

So lovelies that is where you come in! I NEED YOUR HELP!
At this point I am open to any help, suggestions and ideas. 

  I will be eternally grateful!

Happy Humpday!

GFC Lovin

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