Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pin Win (and the ones that fall short)

Most people who know me, know that I am kind of what we like to call addicted to Pinterest. I am not ashamed to admit it either. 

The other day I realized that I have close to 5,000 pins, what that said I thought I would do a quick browse and see how many I have actually tried to do. The numbers weren't very promising. 

I put a but of a challenge in front of myself to complete at least one pin a week, whether it be a recipe, DIY or a project with my little guy. 

Well here are are some of the cheers and jeers of my pinning career.


So good, it was a hug hit. My family calls this cowboy caviar and goes perfect with tortilla chips. 

Perfect for a cold day. I am not one for traditional chili as I had a bad experience growing up so this one was up my alley.

Big hit with the little guy and they were super moist. Yummy with or without a topping. 

HUGE success and delicious, perfect for the girls night in!

Seriously so addicting. Family favorite. But then again I am from Wisconsin so cheese and beer are like food groups here. 

I made six sets of these last Christmas and not to toot my own horn but friends and family thought I was amazing.

Excellent hack, I think it explains itself.

Perfect activity in and out of the water. Did I mention it only cost $4?!

It's a twofer. A project and toy to play with when done. Win!


When mixing putting together in balls prior to baking they were really dry and I had to add extra eggs. With my minor addition they were a success.

There aren't any instructions on how to assemble so I had to add extra baking time to make sure it was cooked all the way through. So it ended up with and extra crisp cheesy crust on top.

Moist but all I could taste was just mustard.

They didn't look as pretty which always make me sad but the actual cupcake part was dry.

Took a lot of experimenting to get the recipe right and finding the right container and to keep it closed. It was a little cumbersome. 

Well that about rounds it up but I am sure that I have forgot a few. Kind of sad that out of nearly 5,000 pins and I only completed 14. 

What are your pin wins (so I can steal try them) and loses (so I don't waste my time)?

Happy Humpday!


  1. I love the idea of completing one pin a week. I may have to start doing that. Those pumpkin muffins look delicious so they may be the first thing I do :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by darlin' and showing some love. The pumpkin muffins are super yummy not to mention it's only two ingredients, a box cake mix and a can of pumpkin.