Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stumbled upon in Parents Magazine

So I got this month's subscription to Parents Magazine in the mail yesterday and here are a few of the neat little finds that I stumbled upon. 

The B. Global Glowball
Night-light, music box and a toy.
It plays 39 different songs and it lights up when you touch one of the continents and you can take it off the base and roll it around on the floor. 

Glue Dots
Umm, glue in a no mess roll out dispenser, yes please!
Non-toxic, acid free and removes without residue.
Also work on paper, plastic, wood, foam, glass and I am sure more. 

Zoku Mini Pop Molds
This for sure has to be my favorite for a ton reasons. 
The small portion is a perfect size for the little ones, with the added bonus of a lot less mess because of the size. 
You don't need to run them under cold water to remove them from the tray. The just simply pop out. 
And of course you can make and choose your own flavors. 

Happy Humpday!

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  1. I love B. toys! I've bought 3 of their toys (Zany Zoo wooden activity cube, Parum Pum Pum drum set, and Meowsic keyboard). And I've gotta find some of those glue dots! I found you via the bloglovin' Collective Blog Hop. I'm following via Bloglovin' now. :-)

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty