Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five For Friday

Well it's that day of the week again, fabulous Friday!! Can I get a whoop, whoop?

1. To me nothing says summertime like sidewalk chalk and flip flops. Spent the evening making masterpieces with the little man, only to get washed away over night. 
2. The clouds decided to part for a bit and tease us after 6 inches of rain in four days.
3. With all of the rain Jax was sad we had to leave his sunnies behind every day this week. 
4. And the rain stopped, finally! Watching the sunset with beautiful clear sky. 
5. Doing what we do best, an I Love You contest. We see who can yell it the loudest. I love him to pieces. Cheap entertainment but I am sure the neighbors weren't too pleased. 

So High Five For Friday lovelies and have a super weekend.

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  1. These sunnies are wayyy too adorable :) Have a great week .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. The I Love You contest ... adorable!!! Oh my goodness, that's cute. Thank you SO much for linking up with us :)