Thursday, June 6, 2013

Undeserving or just plain old jealousy?

So while grabbing coffee this morning at work a moment happened that I found quite shocking. 
In the morning paper it listed the winner of the $590 million lottery winnings is and 84 year old woman from Zephryhills, Florida. 

Someone immediately blurted out she doesn't deserve that, she's 84. I bit my tongue but the not so small voice in the back of my head screamed, WHAT!?!?! So I politely turned around and said, why do you think that? In returned I received a response along the lines of she's 84 what's she gonna do with it? So a small debate ensued. 

I thought I made my piece with the conversation by saying, She doesn't deserve it because she's 84 or because you didn't win? I just think your just jealous. 

Maybe my response was a bit sharp. But to dumb down the lottery it's a game of chance. Maybe her stars were just aligned that day. Someone did let her cut in front of them in line to purchase her ticket. And then who knows, this could be her weekly ritual of purchasing a ticket every week. So I say good for her!

I mean deep down we all might be a little jealous we didn't win, because let's be honest I don't think anyone would turn down that kind of money.

Just a food for thought kind of day.

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