Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shop Kicking

I am sure most of you have a favorite app, well mine is shopkick! When I first found it I told all my friends that they NEEDED it. 
I mean what is better than getting free stuff for shopping (which we already do).

So here is the skinny on shopkick:
You earn kicks from participating retails i.e. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, from rewards, walk-ins scans and Buy & Collect purchases. Not to mention free kicks for browsing lookbooks. 

While browsing your lookbooks you can favorite products and the will save in your profile and remind you next time your in that store.

Unlock walk-in kicks by browsing lookbooks for your next visit.

My personal favorite is scanning for kicks. It's really like an adult scavenger hunt. You scan the bar codes of featured products for additional kicks. 

And last but not least, link your Visa or MasterCard and receive additional points based on your dollar amount sent. 

I really hope everyone enjoys this app as much as I do!

Happy kicking!

Much love, 

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