Monday, June 17, 2013

What are friends for?

With everyone I think that your group of friends have a class status on how they relate in your life. And just this past weekend a special couple in my life just got promoted.

We became from through association a few years ago and have only become closer (I secretly hope they feel the same.)

At first our common bond was our children now it's much more!

With parents of toddlers I feel sometimes you have those frustrating moments when you just have to walk away because your children(bless their little hearts) can strike that last nerve. With that said, on my way home from work I get a phone call from my friend asking to watch their adorable daughter so they could have a moment alone and grab some dinner. All I had to reply with was no problem. My little guy and their daughter play famously together. 

When they came to pick up their cutie we had made some plans for Saturday evening. 

After a Saturday afternoon with my little dude at the zoo I got a phone call from my friend (assuming to make plans). What I got a was a panicked call to come grab their daughter as she needed to call an ambulance for her husband. I said yes and she hung up. In a panic I race over to her house and she comes out crying saying she thinks her husband is having a heart attack. 

So I take their daughter home with me so she doesn't have to be witness to the uncertain chaos. I was just plain worried for them. So another evening of playing with this little cutie is not a problem in my book. 

A few hours later I got a call that he was okay(sigh of relief) but they still needed to run tests. She wanted to make sure that is was okay her little one stay a while longer. I told my friend to stop thanking me and that it was okay and not to rush. I was just glad I was home and able to be there. 

Six hours later with a safe return and a messy living room(as you can see) they came and got their sleeping beauty.

Sunday afternoon there was a little disappointment in my household. As it was Father's Day and I am a single mother those moments can be a bit rough. Trying to explain a broken promise can be hard(I will leave that one alone as it's still an open wound). 

So the remainder of the day was consumed with bubbles and sidewalk caulk.

I get a call from my friends with an invite for dinner. We had a fabulous time at the cookout as they wanted to thank me for being their and wish me a Happy Father's Day as I am pulling double duty(all smiles).

Friends are God's way of taking care of us. 

Sorry for the long post but this really means a lot to me. 

Happy Monday!

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