Thursday, August 8, 2013

When I am with you

To my son, my monkey, my flicker of light in the darkness:

Do you ever just have a bad day week? And you know that there is one thing that can change it and one thing alone that can make it better. Mine is my son! 

Most days I think the best part of my day is the alone moment I get in the shower taking deep breaths of steam or the first sip of morning coffee. But there is that one moment that takes the cake, one moment in particular. The moment when I walk out to the daycare playground and I get that high pitched mommy from across the yard. The all out sprint (well as fast as his two year old legs can carry him) for my arms. I get that sunscreen smelling, sand coated, sidewalk chalk covered epic hug everyday. 

Every sleepless night, temper tantrum and tears from owies, has made you the most amazing little boy that words don't even begin to express how much I love you.

You my darling little boy have taught me things I thought I already knew. That unconditional love that you show me on my worst days. The I didn't shower, brush my hair or teeth, sweatpants and oversize t-shirt kind of day and you still tell me in your mousy little voice, mommy pretty. You have not only showed me the little things in life but that they're important as well. For all of those tiny moments we have pasted together and call life I thank you. 

I thank you for teaching me to have patience, savor every moment no matter how small and to love bigger that I every imagined. I thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

I love you not only for what you are but for what I am with you.

Love, one proud momma!

p.s. sorry for being so mushy today, it has just been a trying week.

Happy Kids, Inc

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