Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Oh, how I have missed you my lovelies and I apologize for my absence. 
The little man needed some medical attention and I have debated whether or not to share. Well I have decided to, I thought what better way than blogland for support, thoughts and suggestions. 

So over the past few weeks Jax fluid intake has increased to 90-120 ounces a day, which is close to a gallon. With the help of the wonderful ladies at daycare we decided to monitor it, making sure it wasn't a fluke. Well nothing has really changed so I decided to call the doctor.

The only other thing that has changed with him is he has been falling asleep at meal time. So off to WedMD I went (never a good idea, you will always be diagnosed with a deadly disease with no cure.) Not really, but most of the time. These are both factors in Type 1 diabetes, so it had me concerned. 

We got an appointment the next day. The thoughts from the doctor were the same and we did blood sugar test right away. No one likes it when there kid is sick, but we've been to the doctor for colds and ear infections and I know the normal route. But now we were in uncharted territory with a possibility of something that could affect the rest of his life. And of course waiting for the doctor to return with the results is like an eternity.

Ahh, relief his sugar levels were within the normal range. The doctor ordered an additional blood draw and a urine sample for additional testing just to be sure. Due to the high amounts of fluids it does concern him. 

And the whole urine sample thing, well that went over like a lead balloon. Trying to take a sample from a potty training two year old. Not the easiest thing in the world. A doctor's office bathroom isn't very friendly. There isn't an Elmo potty that cheers when your done and you don't get a sticker. It's hard to explain that one. Needless to say we had to take a fun little to-go apparatus with us to collect the sample.

This is the part where I has for your help or suggestions, if this has happened to your little one or know other possibilities of what this could be. 

Happy Humpday Lovelies!
GFC Lovin

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  1. Awh I hope Jax gets to feeling better. I had planned on naming my future son Jax at one time. I just love that name! Visiting from Wildcard Wednesday, newest follower via bloglovin.