Friday, October 11, 2013

High Five For Friday

I don't think that I have even looked forward to a weekend as much as this one. Woohoo, cheers to the freakin' weekend, I'll drink to that!

1. Last Saturday called for big plans, apple picking, hayrides and searchin' for the perfect pumpkin. Well mother nature stepped in and decided I needed new plans and it rained poured all day. :(

2. So enter the back up plan, Hallowine. What could go wrong, with wine targeted at the Halloween season, I mean I in. Expect the fact that you heat the wine and it was terrible. Terrible as in it tasted like watered down apple juice with a half jar of nutmeg added. But hey, maybe someones into that, who knows. 

3. My Mom always said have a plan b and this time was no exception.Since the Hallowine was a bust enter Salted Caramel Vodka with Apple Cider (and whipped cream and cinnamon, of course). OMG, DELICIOUS!

4. Enter a little confession I have to make, I have been hiding under a rock lately (for lack of a better catchy statement). A special new someone made me this neat little number in his welding class. Bold move to pull in a class full of dudes. 

5. Without further adieu, me Luke. Well I guess he's not completely new in my life, he's been in my extended group of friends for about 5 years. I guess the timing just wasn't right then.

 So he may be the reason I am excited for this weekend. We have big plans, ok well maybe not big but exciting to me plans. Tonight we're going to a haunted house ( It's not really a house but a whole area. It even has a back story to read before you go. I am going to be scared out of my mind, but I am so excited I could pee.

And Saturday is Badger gameday + Homecoming and we're going to the game! For your viewing pleasure...

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