Thursday, November 7, 2013

Panning for Gold

Alrighty, I need some help. I am on a hunt for the perfect gold nail polish (in my dreams, I know!) and I hope it's out there.
Here is what I am looking for, I want really GOLD! I'm not talking just a metallic color I want a bit of yellow to it and visible glitter and I don't want a top coat, I want it to be a stand alone polish, am I asking too much?
Here is what my current routine and it gets me by (First World Problem, I know) but not even close to what I want in gold polish. First coat is Revlon in Gold Coin it gives me the cover I am looking for and top is off with Wet n Wild Fergie in Glamorous this gives me the color I am looking for and the glitter. But it's quite the process.

So I went panning on the interwebs in search of what's next for me in the gold polish market. I don't think I have ever done so much reading on just nail polish, but beauty is pain and a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, am I right??
So this is what I found that could have some promise. Here is where you weigh in: What do you know about these polishes? Do you have them? Love 'em or hate 'em? Is this what I am looking for?

Thanks in advance lovelies for all of you help! Happy Friday Eve!

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  1. Love these colors for the holidays. Thanks for sharing.

    Check out the $$ Giveaway on my blog. Great for Black Friday!

    Happy Friday!