Friday, October 4, 2013

High Five For Friday

Wow, it feels good to be back. I just needed a mind purge kind of break, recharge the batteries and regroup! I have missed you all!

What a day to start back up that a fantastic Friday, whoop, whoop!

1. Last week Saturday will waiting for my beloved Badgers to start against the big rivals the Buckeyes. Jax and I decided to funny face it out while we waited. And well of course to show off the awesome spiked 'do!

2. On my way home from work I say this gorgeous little site. I was hoping that I could see it from my backyard and take a picture and sure enough. All though the picture doesn't really do this sun dog justice.

3. I was going through a box of things a found this little goodie. A picture of me and my cousin Kelli at our Grandparents house from 1992. Hanging out by the sprinkler #classy.

4. Wednesday called for some evening baking. Jax treat of choice, chocolate chip cookies of course. I let him lick the beaters for the first time and you have thought I was the world's most awesome mom!

5. Saying farewell to and awesome co-worker so she can pursue her dream of opening a flower shop. With that said, since it will be a sad goodbye that's happening in the fall it needed a sweet treat of apple crisp.

Happy Friday Lovelies! Have and awesome weekend!

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