Thursday, May 23, 2013

Who's ready?

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Okay so, I know that it's only Thursday but, I have one thing on my mind...a three day weekend! I think that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. I have so many things to jam into my extended weekend and I can say that I have never looked forward to such little sleep. 

Just a quick preview, tomorrow starts with Brat Fest and Take your brat to work day! (Wisconsinites you know what I am talking about!). Saturday begins with a canoe trip on the river and ends with a beer under the tent at Music Fest. I am sure that I will manage to fit a bonfire in there somewhere. Sunday might be a late rising day but sure to be followed by fireworks on Willow Island at Brat Fest with the little man. And Monday to end my sweet weekend is time to cookout and reminisce with friends about our awesome weekend (pictures to follow).

What are your plans, I have to hear? Or am I just crazy for doing all of this in one weekend?

Much love, 

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