Saturday, November 3, 2012

He opens the door for me...

So I need to have a real moment with all of you, sorry in advance. I was out to lunch today with my mom just having some girl convo. (A little background before I go further, my parents haven't meet the new man in my life, yet).

She asked me what are three things I like about him, and without hesitation I said he opens the door for me, always! He will even rush ahead of me to get to the door before me. It never gets old and it makes it seem like a first date every time and still gives me butterflies!

So after our little lunch(and a little shopping) date today, I was set to do a little pinning on Pinterest and came across this little quote. I got to relive that moment all over again. :)

Thanks babe for still being a gentlemen!

Much love,


  1. your blog is very interesting and good *_* im glad if you visit my blog, too < keep in touch!


  2. I think this is so important! All guys should show these manners!


  3. How adorable! My man sometimes completely forgets that I use doors, and I'll get them shut in my face! Hahaha But it's fun to bug each other about it after.

    Cute blog. Will you be writing more often?